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Meeting Minutes Spring 2016
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Meeting Minutes

- Spring 2016


SDPTA Meeting


April 2nd, 2016

Start: 5:32 Quorum met

  1. Approval of Minutes- Approved


  2. Treasurer's Report


    1. Assets:


      1. WF checking: $61,284.16


      2. Vanguard cash: $78,912.73


      3. Vanguard GNMA bonds: $50,124.01


      4. Preferred stock, ishares, PFF: $40,010.88


      5. Vanguard stock: $102,153.47


      6. Total: $322,485.35


    2. Close to goal of 1/3 each of cash, bonds and stock


    3. Will make money from cont ed courses and will allocate money into cash, bonds, and stock


  3. Strategic Plan Review / Update


    1. In 3rd year of current format


    2. Goal 1: It is the goal of this Association to enable physical therapists to consistently use best practices to improve the quality of life of their patients and clients.


      1. Strategy 1: Create a focus group to identify webpage updates.


        1. Working on getting a task force set up first to get a subcommittee set up


      2. Strategy 2: Educate membership about available resources from APTA for best practice (clinical practice guidelines, current research, etc)


        1. Working on it


    3. Goal 2: It is the goal of this Association to be a recognized leader in supporting physical therapists in the delivery of patient and client centered care across the lifespan.


      1. Strategy 1: Explore continuing education opportunity to understand new models of reimbursement to PTs, Administrators and MDs.


        1. Exploring cont ed options


      2. Strategy 2: Create local learning groups that will meet and discuss journal articles, current CPGs (clinical practice guidelines) and other hot topics.


        1. Pub night membership drive hoping to continue or explore different options;


    4. Goal 3: It is the goal of this Association to empower physical therapists to demonstrate and promote high standards of professional and intellectual excellence


      1. Strategy 1: Advocate for continuing education requirements


        1. Advocating for cont ed requirements and work in progress


      2. Strategy 2: Explore the creation of new SIGs within the SDAPTA


        1. Moving towards task forces


        2. Embracing process of getting special interest groups going, but in a different way;


        3. Private practice would be an area of a specific SIG;


      3. Strategy 3: Develop social media communication


        1. Website and design and social media Facebook, Twitter and looking to expand with a task force.


      4. Strategy 4: Engage like professions in shared interests such as continued education and legislative priorities


        1. Working on meeting up with OT for combined cont ed and meetings.


        2. Working on communication with OT


    5. Goal 4: It is the goal of this Association to be a recognized leader in setting the standards for physical therapy service delivery and establishing and promoting the value of physical therapist practice to all stakeholders.


      1. Strategy 1: Educate customers about physical therapy.


        1. Educating consumers with billboard project, website work;


      2. Strategy 2: Improve membership numbers and active participation of members.


        1. Membership drive and working on active participation in chapter.


      3. Strategy 3: Assess current communication with membership.


        1. Communication with membership- paper mail, social media and trying to cover all basis


  4. Committee Reports


    1. Ethics- no ethic concerns at this time


    2. FAL – John Rounds- not present at this time;


      1. Update from Andy: John chosen as member of focus group.


      2. Working on repealing therapy cap.


    3. Reimbursement – Trisha Rieffenberger- could not be here;


      1. PTAs not being able to see Medicaid patients in private practice and trying to set up meeting for explanation.


    4. State Legislative Affairs – Phil Moe


      1. 3 bills being looked at


        1. Massage therapist negotiated out in session


        2. Chiropractor bill about getting into health systems


          1. Bill ended up getting deferred


        3. Bill to offer different levels of insurance products


          1. Bill got deferred.


    5. House of Delegates – Joy Karges-could not be here


      1. Just received final draft from House of Delegates.


      2. Quiet this year and not much going on


      3. How therapists write out their qualifications after name will be addressed


        1. Any certifications of therapist are spelled out under name


    6. PAC – Leonard Suel


      1. Report in newsletter


      2. Will be quiet legislative wise.


      3. Looking into ways to do some fundraisers.


    7. Public Relations – Brandie Rainboth


      1. Volunteer opportunities


        1. Special Olympics state summer games Black Hills State May 20-21st


        2. State Senior games in Aberdeen Aug 24th


        3. Med student presentations in Oct


      2. Billboard campaign;


        1. One by Rapid City on I-90 and one on I-29 by Dell Rapids Aug-Oct


        2. Ad campaign in South Dakota magazine in 3 different issues


    8. Nominating – Wade Fligge


      1. Elections in the fall.


    9. Education – Lynn Simon-


      1. 54 people between the 2 courses this weekend


      2. Will make $10,000


      3. Fall meeting is Sept 24th and 25th


        1. Jill Munson- Ortho on hip and knee


        2. Foot/orthotic is second course


    10. Membership – Chris Barrett


      1. 456 total members


        1. 358 PT members


        2. Up 20 members last 6 months


        3. 25 PTAs


        4. 98 student numbers;


        5. Trying to contact new grads, current members;


        6. Putting together fall table meeting on resources that you aren’t aware of.


        7. 1st 5 years of practice is difficult to keep members


  5. Old Business


    1. Continuing Education Requirement update


      1. At fall meeting thought we could move forward to legislative rules committee, but not able to move forward.


      2. Nothing has changed with draft document.


      3. Now have to look at rules and regulations to see how to move forward.


      4. Language was too vague to put into rules and regulations.


    2. By-law Review


      1. Mandatory 5 year by-law review for national compliance


      2. Mostly format and language changes.


      3. PTAs have full vote was main change.


      4. Motion to approve by-law changes. Motion passed.


    3. Billboard project update-Brandi had update from above


  6. New Business


    1. State Affairs app- Phil


      1. Yearly fee $250


      2. Link to national and state legislators.


      3. Another way of getting information out there.


    2. Practice Act Task Force


      1. Look at what things we want to look at when opening up practice act


      2. To work with board to look at cont ed, work on changing language changes, and create foundation for future changes.


      3. 4-7 people at the most on the task force, and will report back in the fall.


    3. PT Board Task Force


      1. Looking at creating our own PT board instead of having licensing go thru SDMBOE.


      2. Task force will gather information and give presentation on pros and cons so members can make an informed decision on whether to move forward or not.


      3. The creation of the task force was approved by the SDPTA board.


    4. Website Task Force


      1. Update with website and more user friendly.


      2. Also want to incorporate social media.


      3. Would like to move it into a subcommittee.


      4. Will look at incorporating the students for input.


    5. Video conferencing


      1. Trying to find someone with IT background, but could not find anyone.


      2. Andy is looking into stepping into that role as he steps down from president.



        Adjourned: 6:56

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